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Amy’s Song of the Week: The Rest of My Life

Not only do I love Ashley Tisdale's performance in this High School Musical spinoff, but I got to combine two of my favorite things - Broadway and Disney - with one of my favorite writers - Matt Tishler. 

It’s rewarding to know that songs like this spread positive messages to literally millions of kids. In this case, lessons from my personal adventures in transformation: have faith in yourself, a vision of what’s possible, and trust that your dreams will become reality!

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Amy’s Song of the Week: On The Edge Of Time 

Hearing the legendary Anthony Warlow and Lucy Maunder join voices in this song for the first time was simply magical. 

This video from the Australian version of Dr. Zhivago, The Musical - cowritten with Lucy Simon and Michael Korie demonstrates the experience.

PS: Stay tuned for news about where Zhivago is heading next!

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Amy’s Song of the Week: When We Were Kings

One of my favorite experiences as a songwriter was getting to craft the end title song of the Academy Award Winning documentary, When We Were Kings (performed by Brian McKnight and Diana King) with Andy Marvel & Arnie Roman… and meet The Greatest himself, who had this to say about our tune, 

"The first time I heard ‘When We Were Kings’, my eyes welled with tears and my body began to tingle. At a time when my voice has quieted, this song helps me reach out further than I would have dreamed possible." -Muhammad Ali

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Check out Amy Powers’ song “In Hollywood”, cowritten with 21st Centruy Girl, DR and 12 Keyz, in the new movie Slightly Single in LA, starring Lacey Chabert, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, Haylie Duff, Kip Pardue, Carley Schroeder, Simon Rex, Charlie Bewley, Jonathan Bennet, Chris Kattan, Christie Will. Available now, on Amazon!

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"Catching Shadows", a new song written by Amy Powers and Matthew Tishler, will be heard in the upcoming film, Make Your Move 3D. The movie, slated to be released in the states later this year, stars Dancing with the Stars hunk Derek Hough and Asian superstar BoA. The song is performed by American Idol semifinalist Felicia Barton.

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